Vacuum Pump, 2-stage, OIL-LESS, Heavy-Duty
Model   GLVP-3H
Price   $1,550.00
Condition   New
Warranty   Yes
Availability   Usually ships in 24 hours

A two-stage heavy-duty vacuum pump for Rice Tests. It's truly an oil-less pump, so you don't ever need to mess with time-consuming oil changes or filter flasks full of desiccants & tubing all over your lab counter again.

Pulls down to 9mm vacuum at a rate of 99L/min., making it an ideal pump if you are pulling a vacuum on multiple pycnometers.

One lab runs 5 at a time with this pump... It is 11"x 9"x 11"high, comes with a NEMA guarded switch, 3-prong line cord and weighs just 22.5Lbs.

Sunday, April 20, 2014