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April 21, 2014
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Resilient Modulus Soil Testing System
Model: STCB-3
Price: $100,000.00
Condition: New
Warranty: Yes
Availability: Inquire
  or call 740-549-9386
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 Resilient Modulus Soil Testing System   STCB-3   $100,000.00      
  or call 740-549-9386
  The Instron Model STCB-3 is a sophisticated servohydraulic universal testing system with computer, software and other accessories required for performing Soils Resilient Modulus testing. Testing may be performed manually or fully automated.

The Controller is an updated version of the controller used by SHRP to develop the test protocol, and has successfully completed several thousand tests.

The flexibility of the loading system and standard software packages allows it to perform virtually any other testing up to the 25kN maximum rated load. Optional temperature or T/H chambers, asphalt testing fixtures, compression platens and triaxial cells are available to create a complete testing system. A separate hydraulic power supply may be selected from a wide range of capabilities, including air or water cooled, remote location, acoustic enclosure or quiet pump.

PRICING: While the listed price may be used as a guide, systems are configured for individual laboratories, with the price varied accordingly.
  • Fully digital closed loop control with 5KHz loop rate
  • Intelligent limits available in all channels
  • Automatic adjustment of PID settings prior to testing; no cycle out of tolerance
  • Load Protect feature allows actuator to contact specimen gently
  • Operator prompted to input administrative data, with data fields tailored to individual laboratory
  • Report tailored to individual laboratory
  • Fully automated testing with confining pressure control
  • Documented repeatability testing of single sample/single operator better than 5%
  • Documented repeatability over multiple laboratories better than 5%
  • Seal drag documented for new triaxial cells prior to shipment
  • Existing components (triaxial cells, compression platens, LVDT’s) may also be used
  • Automatic transducer recognition eliminates operator error if multiple transducers are used
  • All components fatigue rated
  • Constant 5KHz loop speed regardless of features enabled
  Testing Standards
  • AASHTO T307
  • Numerous standards for Asphalt and other types of testing


  • High resolution allows 5kN (1124 lb.) load cell to measure 0.5 lb. seal drag accurately
  • Software allows administrative data to be customized at installation
  • Load accuracy +0.5% OF READING above 1% of full scale – highest in the industry
  • 5KHz servo loop closure rate, regardless of features enabled
  • Operator settable load protect value
  • Load cell overload range 200%
  • Software packages available for wide variety of tests
  • Fatigue rated actuator designed for low distortion – see images for typical waveform
  • Internal LVDT for displacement control
  • Transducer ranges not required
  • User selectable data acquisition rate, up to 5000 points/second on all channels simultaneously
  • Shear web load cell – no worry about lateral motion
  • Servo loop closed in controller – functions with or without separate PC
  • Computer interface standard GPIB – no need for special boards in computer; no worry about obsolence


  • Net Dimensions: 19.2 X 30.2 X 77.2 (inches)


  • Net Weight: 573 lb.

Recommended Accessories

  • Triaxial cells for 100 and 150mm specimens

Included Accessories

  • Hydraulic Power Supply - variety of options available
  • Dual LVDT displacement transducers
  • Automatic confining pressure control
  • Triaxial cell with low seal drag, 71mm specimen
  • Computer (latest Pentium)
  • Software allowing manual or fully automated testing
  • 7.1gpm Hydraulic Power Supply

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