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April 16, 2014
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Load Frames for Triaxial, CBR, UCC, Soil & Marshall Testing
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  Other Models
   Product Model # Price   Sale Price Qty
 CBR, UCC, Triaxial, Soil, Cement Load Frame, .001- .1"/min   STCB-4   $3,250.00      
 Marshall Load Frame, .02 - 2"/min   STCB-8   $3,400.00      
 Triaxial Load Frame .0001-.3 "/min   STCB-5   $5,200.00      
 Triaxial Load Frame, .000001 -.4 "/min   STCB-7   Inquire or call 740-549-9386 
 Triaxial Load Frame, .00001 -.4 "/min   STCB-6   $5,800.00      
  or call 740-549-9386
  This Versatile Series of Load Frames is designed to perform Triaxial, CBR, UCC, Soil and Marshall testing using various accessories. A wide selection of strain rates and accessories is available to make this a truly versatile device. Modifications to meet your lab’s specific applications are available upon request.

The frames are designed around a heavy-duty mainframe and precision loading screw. Built to withstand harsh lab environments, the cabinet is constructed with 15-gauge steel and painted with durable enamel finish. The 1 ¼” diameter vertical rods have coarse threads for quick change in cross-arm height. The adjusting nuts are self-centering and marked to aid in leveling the cross-arm when a change in height is required. The nuts and vertical rods are plated for corrosion resistance. Standard on all frames is a 6.75” diameter platen and protective boot for the loading screw.

All controls are located on the front panel. Strain rates are selected on the push button digital selector. A high-speed platen advance is used on all models except the Marshall frame. The 76 mm (3”) maximum platen travel is controlled by limit switches. Indicator lights are used to show when upper and lower limits are attained.

Digital readouts, load cells and linear displacement transducers can be added to tie-in with data acquisitions systems. The readouts come standard with analog output for driving strip chart recorders or for feeding directly into data acquisition systems.


  • Platen Diameter: 6.75" (171 mm)
  • Platen Travel: 3" (76 mm)
  • Horizontal Clearance: 11.9" (302 mm)
  • Vertical Clearance: 37.3" (947 mm)
  • Capacity: 10,000 lbs. (4536 kg)


  • Net Dimensions: 54.5" x 18" x 29" HxWxD


  • Net Weight: 190 lbs. (86.4 kg)
  • Shipping Weight: 240 lbs. (109.1 kg)

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