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April 24, 2014
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Superpave Performance Graded Asphalt Binder Specification and Testing Manual
Model: BTBK-1
Price: $50.00
Condition: New
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 Superpave Performance Graded Asphalt Binder Specification and Testing Manual   BTBK-1   $50.00      
  or call 740-549-9386
  The Asphalt Institute's Superpave Binder manual describes the specification and the tests that the Superpave performance grading system uses to classify asphalt binders including: rotational viscometer, bending beam rheometer, dynamic shear rheometer, direct tension test, rolling thin film oven, and pressure aging.

The relationships between the binder tests and pavement performance are described, and instruction is provided on specifying asphalt binders for a project's given environmental conditions.

Fully illustrated; 72 pages, 90 x 150 mm (6 x 9 in.)

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