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April 20, 2014
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Vacuum Pycnometer. 2000g Capacity, 6" Deep, with Acrylic Lid and Metal Calibration Lid
Model: MTSG-2
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Condition: New
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 Vacuum Pycnometer. 2000g Capacity, 6" Deep, with Acrylic Lid Only   MTSG-5   Inquire or call 740-549-9386 
  or call 740-549-9386
  A standard pycnometer used in most labs for Rice Test (ASTMD2041-00 and AASHTOT-209-99). 450mL capacity container will hold a 2000-gram sample. Aluminum canister is 7.5” diameter X 6” deep with an extra-thick Acrylic lid for viewing sample during test. Acrylic lid has two ¼” hose connection ports, one for the vacuum source and the other offset through the lid for the vacuum measuring device, a pressure bleed-off valve and the #3200 mesh screen to prevent fines from being pulled out of the mix.

We offer the pycnometer two ways: MTSG-2 includes the pynometer canister, acrylic lid and a metal calibration lid for those choosing to calibrate by weighing in air or the MTSG-5 which includes the canister and acrylic lid only for those who calibrate by weighing under water.
  • Extra-Thick Acrylic Lid with Two " Diameter Hose Connections
  • #200 Mesh Stainless Steel Cloth on Underside of Lid over Vacuum Port
  Testing Standards
  • ASTM D-2041
  • AASHTO T-209-99

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