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Date Posted: 7/29/2003


ASTM D2 July 2003 Approved Standards Actions

D02 on Petroleum Products and Lubricants

Volume 05.04, 2004
D 6896-03, Test Method for Determination of Yield Stress and Apparent Viscosity of Used Engine Oils at Low Temperature

Volume 05.01, 2004
D 445-03, Test Method for Kinematic Viscosity of Transparent and Opaque Liquids and the Calculation of Dynamic Viscosity
D 1552-03, Test Method for Sulfur in Petroleum Products High-Temperature Method
D 3117-03, Test Method for Wax Appearance Point of Distillate Fuels
Volume 05.02, 2004
D 3245-03, Test Method for Pumpability of Industrial Fuel Oils
D 4007-02, Test Method for Water and Sediment in Crude Oil by the Centrifuge Method Laboratory Procedure
Volume 05.04, 2004
D 6335-03a, Test Method for Determination of High Temperature Deposits by Thermo-Oxidation Engine Oil Simulation Test
Volume 05.05, 2004
C 781-02, Practice for Testing Graphite and Boronated Graphite Components for
High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Nuclear Reactors

Source: ASTM


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