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April 17, 2014
  Soil Testing/Geo/Environmental
        Chisel Edge Pick, 20 oz
Model: STCL-17
Description: Our Chisel Edge Pick is made of polished forged steel with a nylon-vinyl grip that is molded and bonded dir... (more)
Condition: New
Price: $39.00
Qty   or call 740-549-9386

        Inspection Vane Shear Tester
Model: STCL-1
Description: The apparatus, small enough to be carried in a brief case, can provide a rapid check of the stability of fo... (more)
Condition: New
Price: $950.00
Qty   or call 740-549-9386

        LaMotte Combination Soil Test-Extended Set W/ Soil Booklets
Model: STCL-11
Description: Choose from two inexpensive combination soil test kits for measuring pH, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassiu... (more)
Condition: New
Price: $100.00
Qty   or call 740-549-9386

        LaMotte Model AM-31 Soil Test Kit
Model: STCL-8
Description: LaMotte Model AM-31 Soil Test Kit provides individual modules of chemical test equipment for soil pH, nitr... (more)
Condition: New
Price: $435.00
Qty   or call 740-549-9386

        LaMotte Soil Test Kits
Model: See Models Listed
Description: LaMotte Soil Analysis Kits tests for nitrate nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, aluminu... (more)
Condition: New
Price: See Prices Listed

        LaMotte Soil Texture Kit
Model: STCL-7
Description: LaMotte Soil Texture Unit includes three calibrated conical tubes with a stand, in addition to dispersing r... (more)
Condition: New
Price: $74.00
Qty   or call 740-549-9386

        Munsell Soil Color Charts
Model: STCL-2
Description: Developed with U.S. Soil Conservation Service for classifying the color of soils. Can also be used for roc... (more)
Condition: New
Price: $198.00
Qty   or call 740-549-9386

        Phenolphthalein Solution R, 16 oz (500 ML)
Model: ATCT-1
Description: Phenolphthalein Solution R, 16 oz (500 ML) - Lime Indicator for Soils. Click on the article below.N... (more)
Condition: New
Price: $25.00
Qty   or call 740-549-9386

        Pocket Geotester Kit
Model: STCL-18
Description: The Pocket Geotester dial penetrometer set is a somewhat sophisticated version of the pocket penetrometer w... (more)
Condition: New
Price: $309.00
Qty   or call 740-549-9386

        Pocket Penetrometer
Model: STCL-3
Description: The new pocket penetrometer (shown with optional Foot Adapter Accessory, for softer soils - sold separately... (more)
Condition: New
Price: $51.00
Qty   or call 740-549-9386

        Proctor Penetrometer Set
Model: STCL-16
Description: The Proctor Penetrometer Set establishes the moisture-penetration resistance relations of finegrained soils... (more)
Condition: New
Price: $480.00
Qty   or call 740-549-9386

        Soil “ID” Finder
Model: STCL-9
Description: Classifies soil in accordance with AASHTO Soil Classification system without the use of charts, tables, for... (more)
Condition: New
Price: $35.00
Qty   or call 740-549-9386

        Torsional Vane Shear Tester
Model: STCL-4
Description: The pocket vane shear tester is often used in conjunction with pocket penetrometers to obtain approximation... (more)
Condition: New
Price: $219.00
Qty   or call 740-549-9386


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